Hello and welcome to Inspired Angel: Stevie Nicks.

This site is dedicated to the inspirations behind the lyrics of many Stevie Nicks songs.

The research for the ‘inspirations’ began in 2001, with the release of “Trouble In Shangri-La”. At that time I was reading “The Complete Works Of Edgar Allan Poe”, and came across two poems whose lines matched the new lyrics to “Planets Of The Universe”. From there, I started reading books by Stevie’s favorite authors and poets, and watching the films she has mentioned in various interviews. Along with literature and film, I’ve also found that mythology (“Melusine”), and religious figures/saints (“Joan Of Arc”), are also fountains of inspiration for Stevie’s lyrics. This site will probably always be ‘a work in progress”, as new demos seem to pop up from time to time, and I am always reading and researching books by Stevie’s favorite authors. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have enjoyed the research for it!