Wide Sargasso Sea

Lyrics: When he first saw her he fainted to the floor
They did not know each other/They did not trust
She went back into her red dress
The only thing that they did together was to make love
So paradise found was not paradise to him…he was still and Englishman/tropical birds and the heat…
They drew a line in the sand just because
When that big house burned down all around her in the smoke and the fire
Inspiration: Edward faints when he first meets her due to the fact that he’s been sick and suffering from a fever (film)
“We’re complete strangers from opposite sides of the world, but I will trust you if your trust me” No matter how close we are in the dark, she is still a stranger to me. – Edward (flim)
A reference to the red dress she wears to dinner and to see Sandi (book)…a gift from her aunt…after finding out she has injured Richard, she asks for it. “I let the dress fall to the floor, and looked from the fire to the dress and from the dress to the fire” “But I looked ar the dress on the floor and it was as if the fire had spread across the room. It was beautiful and it reminded me of something I must do.” In the film, she sits on the floor clutching the dress.
In the film, it does seem that the only thing they do together is “make love”.
Edward, being from England, was used to a cool climate. The heat and sounds of the birds would keep him up at night.
The “line in the sand” possibly refers to the symbols Christophine draws in the sand when Antoinette visits her to ask her to use obea (voodoo) to help her get Edward’s love back.
Antoinette sets fire to Edward’s home
Source: “Wide Sargasso Sea”- Jean Rhys & 1993 film of the same title