Welcome To The Room…Sara

Alternate Outtake

Welcome to the room…Sara
For Scarlett…
Mmm hmm
Mmm hmm

And it’s not home
And it’s not Tara
In fact, do I know you
I’ve been here before
This is a dream, right
Deja vu
Did I come here…on my own
Oh, I see

Welcome to the room…Sara
For Scarlett…
Welcome to the choir, sir

Well, I will be different
When I get back
And you can take all of the credit
You say, “everything’s fine, baby”
But sometimes at night
Well, the first cut is the deepest one of all
And the second one
It’s a worthless cut, so
Take it all the way home now

Downstairs where the big old house is mine
Upstairs where the stars laugh and shine
Uh huh
Well, I thought that you were mine
Well, I thought that you were mine…

Welcome to the room, Sara
For Scarlett…
Of course it was a problem

Frontline, baby
Well, she was your prisoner
And after all the years
Well, as well as you knew her
In the never-forgotten words
Of another one of your friends
When you hang up that phone, baby
Well, you cease to exist
So, welcome to the room, everyone

Yes, welcome to the room, Sara