Tragedy Of One’s Own Soul

House is full tonight
People are everywhere
There’s a lot of people locked up
In locked rooms
That we’ll never see again
Not again to just get together
Not again to prove that we can still be there
The presentation of the tragedy of his own soul

Well, it’s hard to look
Into the tragedy of one’s own soul
Because a very great part of you
Really knows how bad it was

To admit that I wasn’t right not to go
Funny about this love affair
I have worked with music
But now it is the only thing
It pulls me back up
By my boot straps
That electricity

The house is full tonight
People are everywhere
Well, there’s a lot of people
Locked up in rooms tonight
That we will never see again…
Not again
Not to just get together
No, not again
Just to prove we can still be there
Seeing this as a presentation
Of the tragedy
Of his own soul

We don’t have so very much in common
You don’t have…
Really, very much to say…
You tell me
What is it that you are wanting….
You just look at me with those eyes
And we don’t talk to each other every day
In fact, sometimes weeks go by
We don’t speak
And then something in the mail comes
She goes a little bit into shock

Ooh, well I’ll see you
Tomorrow night…
She says
I can’t live like this
I can’t do it right
I’ll see you…tomorrow night
Everything is just too good to be true

Something’s going wrong
I know
When you wake up in the middle of the night
It’s just a bad dream baby
But it was a nightmare
It started to be a fight
It’s just a bad dream, baby