Rose Garden

Early Demo

You never promised me a rose garden
You  never said it would be easy
You never spoke about a leisure lifetime
You only said you’d never leave me

I believed only what I wanted to
To believe in love
And not believe in you
I never thought
That I’d ever see the day
When you would turn to me and say “goodbye”
I’m leaving today

You never promised me a ring made out of diamonds
A band of gold, you said was
All you could buy
You never said I’d be a rich man’s lady
And, oh my darling
No you never lied

I never took
Well, the time to realize
How much I needed love in order to survive
I was so spoiled
A princess in my time
And your love was so deep
Yes, and mine, so blind

And now you’re gone
And I’m alone, and so lonely
Nothing seems to be the same
One day I turned around
You no longer loved me
In my life there’s been a big change…

Now I’ve a big house
With marble pillars standing all around
And I’ve a garden
With roses dangling down to the ground
And I’ve got money
Men to love me
And acres of land…
Yes, I’ve got all these things
All these things, but a small gold band
On my finger
On my left hand…