Planets Of The Universe

And the planets of the universe go their way
Not astounded by the sun or the moon
Or by the day
You and I will simply disappear out of sight
But, I’m afraid
Soon there’ll be no light

I will never love again the way
I love you
You will never rule again the way
You have ruled
We will never change again
The way we are changing
You’ll forget the chill of love
But not the strain

You will remember
But, I will die a slow death
It’s only an overture
To something that was best
And don’t…
Condescend to me
Take your leave
Take your leave
Take your leave of me
Disappear through the air
I wish you gone
And I don’t care

Ooh, I was wrong
To live for a dream
If I had my life to live over
I…would never dream…
I…would never dream…
I still wish you gone…
And I…will live alone
Oh, I….