Ooh Baby

Do about this
I know it’s not the thing you thought it would be
Not so outrageous…oh no…
It’s a rare, rare thing
You found it once
You might find it twice
You might never know it
You might…never know

Oh…oh baby
What’s it going to be
I know the things that you think I should know
But you don’t know me…
Oh no…baby
It’s alright for now
Nothing is changing
It’s all the same anyhow

…going to be
Maybe someday, maybe someday
You will really get to know me better…
So, it’s now instead
Complain to someone else about your life
And I’ll remember when I said
Oh yeah…baby
Oh yeah…baby
Oh yeah…baby
I’ll remember when…

You said
Oh no…baby
You can paint the blame
You remember the time of your life
I’ll remember when
Again and again
Oh yeah, yeah, baby
What’s to matter now
You were really one of a kind
Yes, you were to me
Ooh…yeah, baby
And I remember that day
I remember that way you looked at me
And I moved away, and you said I’m….
Crazy about you baby
Doubt you, baby

Yeah, you complain and complain
I will remember the day…
Oh, I hope I have gone as far