Imperial Hotel

1984 Vocal Outtake #9 (3:07)

She sits alone
Across the table
The glass table
And cries to her friend
Why am I so alone
He says to her
Baby, oh baby
This is the path you’ve chosen
Now he can’t get her

Well, you can get her
No, but you can’t have her
And you can’t watch her fall

He says, “Why, baby, do you do this?”
She says, “I don’t know”
“Cause I just have to”
He says, “Oh baby”
It is useless sometimes
It’s in your eyes
And in your smile
He says, “Don’t cry”
This is not all there is
There’s so much more

I can’t get you
But I can help you
And I can catch your fall
Well, I can watch you
And I can call you
I know you live at the Hotel Imperial

She probably goes under another name
It’s a good idea
And then maybe then, then she would have came

She sits across the table
It’s a glass table
She cries to her friend
Why am I so alone
He says, “Baby, oh my baby”
This is the path you have chosen
He says, “I don’t want to hear you cry”
But she knew ? where you are
Deep inside my love

He says
You can get her
But you can’t help her
You can’t catch her fall
You can’t watch her
And you can’t have her
She lives at the Hotel Imperial

You can’t catch her fall
But you can watch her
And you can call her