Cathouse Blues

I got the cathouse blues
I wear the highest, the high heel shoes
Whoa, darling
It’s hard to be surrounded
Where the women are lazy
And the men are rude

I got the catwalk, don’t talk blues
I creep on cat’s feet
I don’t speak loose
Yourself in velvet
Forget we ever met
I got the closed-in, the cathouse blues

Eyes that say
I guess you don’t remember
I guess that I was younger
The cat sleeps alone
Sleeps only in the sun
But she’ll awake the night and she’ll be gone

Singing the cathouse blues
I need some new red velvet shoes
I’m still a dreamer’s fancy
They say I’m pretty classy
I’m just a feelin’ silky cat come true
I’m just a feelin’ silky cat come true…
I’m just a feelin’ silky cat come…true….