Running Through The Garden

Lyrics: Until she herself became the deadliest poison as she grew older
Until she herself became just as fatal as was her garden
There are too many flowers to cut down
With all the love I have for your life, turn around
Never did I mean to imprison you here in my garden
I’m running in brilliant colors
Inspiration: “That this lovely woman,”  continued Baglioni, with
emphasis, “had been nourished with poisons from her birth upward,
until her whole nature was so imbued with them that
she herself had become the deadliest poison in existence
“There are many flowers here…”
He made a step towards the shrub, with extended hand.
But Beatrice darted forward, uttering a shriek that went through
his heart like a dagger. She caught his hand, and drew it back
with the whole force of her slender figure. Giovanni felt her touch
thrilling through his fibres. “Touch it not!” exclaimed she in a
voice of agony. “Not for thy life! It is fatal!”

“It is my father’s fatal science! No, no, Giovanni; it was not I!
Never! Never! I dreamed only to love thee and be with thee
a little time, and so to let thee pass away, leaving but thine image in
my heart. For, Giovanni, believe it, though my body be
nourished with poison, my spirit is God’s creature, and
craves love as it’s daily food. But my father!–he has
united us in this fearful symphony. Yes; spurn me!
Tread upon me! Kill me! Oh, what is death after such
words as thine? But it was not I! Not for a world of bliss
Would I have done it!”

“There are many flowers here, and those not the least brilliant,
that shock and offend me, when they meet me eye.”
Source: “Rappaccini’s Daughter” – Nathaniel Hawthorne