Maker Of The Birds

Lyrics: A bird that is not mine
Three birds that belong to her
One emerald green, one snow white
One golden flashing like a sunbeam through the night
She sat alone and it seemed to him that the light and the face were the same
Her hair shown…streamed blonde and gold
Her gown was no more than the water could cover
And the white mares danced
And the lady asks “take my wisdom with you”
“If you kill the dark lord of Death, some day I shall be your wife”
And the birds are still singing
And the song is now sweeping
Like a sliver…a silver shimmering flood
Inspiration: From far off her voice came “…a Bird that is not Mine…”
Three birds flew round her head, and their song was sweet.
One was as tenderly green as the leaves, one shown white as snow, and the third flashed like a sunbeam.
Her hair shone, it streamed red-gold to her noble high-arched feet,
which were tender and rosy white as the apple blossoms.
Her body shone like the sun; her one thin garment hid no more than water would.
The horses met, they pranced and curveted, they became
many horses and danced, light as leaves upon the wind.
“No. In this peril I can help you, if you can understand and use My help.”
“For darkness must come upon your world–
only if you slay Havgan can Chaos be prevented and thrown back.”
“If I can I will come to earth and be your wife there,
as I was wife to Dyved’s Kings of old.”
He tried to answer, but the birds were still singing,
their song was sweeping him away like the shimmering,
many-hued floods of a rainbow river.
Source: “Prince Of Annwn” – Evangeline Walton