Mabel Normand

Lyrics: She’s natural in her beauty
I guess you could say she’s an unapproachable comedienne
Haven’t much faith in her talent/Still she did her work
No comedienne lives her life as a clown
But her heart was quietly crying
I guess she even felt guilty ’bout even dying
Poor Mabel Normand
He says it’s patterns/They cause patterns
How ’bout I call you “Beloved Exile”/And you say, I’d write a book about it
And call it “Beloved Exile”
Since you’ve been gone, Rome burned down
Inspiration: The song’s title and beginning are based on the life
of the silent film era comedienne, Mabel Normand.
“The pattern of my life: brief moments of warmth embedded in the cold suet of duty”
“…And there was no time. There never was. Patterns, I said.”
“Beloved Exile” is the title of a 1984 book by Parke Godwin, written about
Guinevere’s life after the death of Arthur.
“Within my lifetime rome had crumbled like a rotted house.”
Source: Two good sources on Mabel’s life can be found at the
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