Impossible Task

Lyrics: And she says “But that baby, oh where has she gone?
I promised her mother I would find her, and I have failed her.”
Inspiration: The letter had to do with Nazism and Germany, the necessity of
a Socialist revolution throughout the world, that she had had a baby, and the
baby seemed to like being called Lilly,
but then she was a baby who liked almost everything.
I said, “I did it. A second play, a failure. Tell me about your baby.” (Lillian)
“She’s fat and handsome. I’ve got over minding that
she looks like my mother.” (Julia)
“I’ll bring her when I come home for the new leg
and she can live with you.” (Julia)
“Yes, I’ll leave the baby with you.” (Julia)
I wrote to Julia’s grandmother told her about the baby and that I knew
nothing more than that she lived with a family in Mulhouse,
but Mulhouse couldn’t be so big that they would have trouble
finding an American child. I had no answer.
I guess I knew I wouldn’t, and so I wrote another letter, this time nasty,
and got an answer from a fancy name in a fancy law firm
saying that everything would be done “in this strange case”
about a child only I believed existed and I would be kept informed
of any “doubtful results”. (Lillian)
Hammett said I looked awful and if it worried me that much
why didn’t I find a lawyer or a detective in Mulhouse.
William Wyler, the movie director, with whom I had made
two pictures, had been born in Mulhouse and his family still
owned a department store there. It is too long ago for me to
be accurate about when and how he got me the name of a lawyer
in Mulhouse, but he did, and after a while the lawyer wrote that
the investigation was proving difficult, but he thought, in the end,
they would certainly find the baby if she was still there. (Lillian)
“Did they ever find the baby they didn’t want to find?” (Lillian)
“I never knew anything about a baby,” he said.
I said, “I don’t believe you…” (Lillian)
“I have a baby.” (Julia)
“Where is she? What’s her name?” (Lillian)
“I’ll take care of Lilly.” (Lillian)
“I’m looking for a baby. Do you know about a baby named Lilly?” (Lillian)
“You’re never going to find the baby.” (Dash)
Source: “Julia” from the book “Pentimento”, by Lillian Hellman
The 1977 film “Julia”