Have No Heart

Lyrics: Now she was a princess
She had no friends
And she asked the little man to dance
And he loved her instantly
Why will he not dance again, she cried
If he had live, well he might have made the king smile
But he died of a broken heart
Well, in the future, said she, send no one to me who has a heart
Inspiration: Although she was a real Princess and the Infanta of Spain,
she had only one birthday every year
On ordinary days she was only allowed to play with children
of her own rank, so she had always to play alone
“That is capital,” said the Infanta, after a pause, “but now you must dance for me.”
As for the Infanta, she absolutely fascinated him. He could not keep his eyes off her,
and seemed to dance for her alone.
“But why will he not dance again?”, asked the Infanta, laughing.
“It is a pity, for he is so ugly he might have made the king smile.”
“Because his heart is broken.”
“For in the future let those who come to play with me have no hearts”, she cried.
Source: “The Birthday Of The Infanta” – Oscar Wilde