Gypsy Beggar

Lyrics: He was my friend long ago, before you
Gypsy soul
And the beggar’s dust
I wanna talk to you
He’s coming here again
Why this silk dress
You’ll never love him
Well have them then
Why did you stay so long in that house
You gypsy beggar
Inspiration: “He was my friend long before you.” (Cathy)
“Some of that gypsy’s evil soul has gone into you, I think.” (Edgar)
“So that beggar’s dirt is on you.” (Edgar)
“I want to talk to you.” (Heathcliff)
“He’s coming here again.” (Heathcliff)
“Why are you all dressed up in a silk dress?” (Heathcliff)
“You’ll never love him.” (Heathcliff)
“Well have them then!” (Heathcliff)
“Why did you stay so long in that house?” (Heathcliff)
“Heathcliff! Saddle my horse and be quick about it, you gypsy beggar.” (Hindley)
Inspiration: Various quotes from the film “Wuthering Heights” (1939)
Based on the novel by Emily Bronte