Lyrics: Like Alice through the looking glass/”better run for your life”, cried the Mad Hatter
She used to know who she was
Call out my name
Buried beneath a solid piece of armor…or a steel plated vest
Some carry a stiletto in their garter

Inspiration: Alice and the Mad Hatter ar both characters from novels by Lewis Carroll.
“This must be the wood”, she said thoughtfully to herself, “where things have no names. I wonder what’ll become of MY name when I go in. I shouldn’t like to lose it at all–because they’d have to give me another, and it would almost certain to be an ugly one. But then the fun would be trying to find the creature that had got my old name! just fancy calling everything you met “Alice”, till one of them answered! Only they wouldn’t answer at all, if they were wise..”
She stood silent for a minute, thinking: then she began again.
“Then it really HAS happened after all! And now, who am I?”

“and I remember last season asking a most dreadful conspirator to dinner, a man who had blown up ever so many people,and always wore a coat of mail, and carried a dagger up his shirtsleeve.”
Source: “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland”
“Through The Looking Glass”
Both by Lewis Carroll
“Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime” – Oscar Wilde